I have listed the work I do the most of.
However, I do take on other subjects such as families, boudoir, and pets!
Please reach out to me for custom quotes for those.



I’m obsessed with doing couples sessions! It’s gives me the opportunity to really get to know your love and capture some true emotion. If I had to specialize in only one thing, it would be this. My favorite part is working with so many different types of couples; wether it be engaged, dating, anniversary, or maternity.


Wether it is local or 1,000 miles away - I feel so honored at each and every wedding I capture. I limit myself to 25 weddings a year. I think the most important thing about being a wedding photographer is connecting with those who hire me. I want to always make sure I’m a good fit, someone that couples are comfortable sharing their most special day with.

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I pride myself in telling parents that I, myself, have no kids but a meannn swaddle. Through years of practice, I swaddle and make your newborn super comfortable while you don’t have to lift a finger (Okay, maybe they’ll need a diaper change. But besides that). I have a portable studio set up that I bring to your home. Of course, if you are not comfortable with it, you are always welcome to my home studio. However, I have found this is the easiest method for new parents. I bring an assortment of furs, floors, swaddles, and props. I love these sessions, I love the cuddles.


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