How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been a photographer since I was 16 years old. I started shooting seniors and families. I also shot my first wedding at 16. So, 8 years.

How many pictures do I get?

It kind of depends. With weddings I literally get hundreds. With other shoots like engagements, newborns, seniors, families I get an average of 30 to 50 edited images. I don’t have a cutoff number of images you receive because I don’t like withholding any we capture like some photographers do to get more money. These are your memories! I promise to capture and deliver enough images for you to remember this time in your lives.

What is your turn around time?

Sessions are edited and delivered within 2 weeks. Weddings are promised to be returned within 60 days. Sometimes, depending on my work load they can be done sooner, but usually never later. If, for some reason it does take longer, I will be sure to give you a heads up on when you should expect them.


Do you do payment plans?

When it comes to sessions we could totally do half down upon booking and half due the day of. Usually, I just have payments due in full day of. Whatever works for you, works for me. Wedding collections are 50% upon booking and 50% a month before. But, we can talk options if that doesn’t fit well.

Can you photoshop us?

Truthfully, I don’t alter photos often. But when I do, it’s usually if a family member is blinking or if you have bruises or cuts. I don’t go out of my way to photoshop anything out of the photo that I find organic. However, if you have something unwanted like a tattoo or a crazy sunburn, I can fix it! You just need to let me know before I start shooting.

What if the weather sucks?

It’s Michigan, right? Weather here is seriously unpredictable. When it comes to shoots, we can always reschedule. I’m super flexible and would love to be accommodating. Sometimes, If I feel it is on and off sprinkles for engagement shoots, I try to encourage couples to embrace it. Unpredictability sometimes makes for cool shots. And as for weddings? It’s one day. embrace, embrace, embrace. Take it as it comes. I promise, you’ll regret it if you don’t. & Maybe, it’ll be the best part of your day if you did. But, if you’re not a risk taker, I’m a good shot indoors as well.


How do I receive my pictures?

Email! I send you an online gallery link. Once your enter the gallery you are able to download all of your images. I don’t watermark anything, so you should be able to print or use your photos anywhere. Downloading quality is always at its best. A lot of photographers only give you web quality which limits to only using the pictures on social media and printing them comes out pixelated and blurry. But, I want you to be able to use your photos and print them to display around your home! The online gallery sent also doubles as a store if you wanted to order any prints through my labs. The labs print beautiful quality and have a quick turn around time. There is a shopping cart button on each photo, so it’s just like online shopping. I’ve been using the company since starting my business 8 years ago, they are very trusted and respect your privacy when it comes to printing personal pictures.

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Did I get it all?

If not, no worries - shoot me a message!